How To Take Criticism?!

BIG HERO 6I believe that criticism is important in our lives, but what is more important is to learn how to deal with it.
First of all, Don’t expect everyone to complement you!.
You will have to learn from what people say to you, even if it was harsh or difficult for you to handle. Just accept it and don’t get offended easily.

Handling criticism is one of the most important qualities, that people should have if they want to improve and go further in their lives.
It is a quality for entrepreneurs and business owners, the people who work on their own self-development.They don’t give up easily, they work hard on getting the best of themselves and they know it takes a lot for the personality to grow and develop in the right manner.

It is sometimes difficult for people to get over being emotional and sensitive about every word said to them, not every time the other person has the right opinion about you, but at least you should have to think about the reasons they would say that other than, hating on you, because that won’t really help you anyway.

One of the greatest poets ever in the arab world said that he reads every comment he gets and everything people criticise him on and he works on that and analyze it, to see if there is a room for improvement, that made him better and better. But at the end, we have to distinguish the constructive criticism from the negative one.




We always hear about the term ‘perfect’ as a perfect person or a perfect life, but in fact, There is no such thing called perfection.

Life isn’t perfect and will never be. We should learn how to deal with the problems we face.A part of our journey in life is dealing with the problems and learning how to overcome them.

A lot of obstacles are in our way to success and recognizing that they exist in the first place is the first step of the solution.

So, think about everything you do and don’t worry about making mistakes, just try to improve your skills and believe in your abilities.