Mental abilities are way more important than any other skill that one could have.

A healthy successful  mentality is what gets you far in life.

You could have a great talent, but you are a person who gives up easily, then what did you get from that talent at the end ? Nothing.. because, by the first obstacle you face, you will simply give up and not try again.

Trust yourself and your abilities, make sure that you are doing what is needed to be done.

You can see so many talents that aren’t heard of any more, because they didn’t have the right mentality for using their talents. And they will always be forgotten.


It takes some time to be unique

flames-897427_1280It takes some time to be unique..

Every great person who achieved something in this world, had to start somewhere and probably had zero knowledge at the start.

We all were little kids who can’t speak, walk, eat or do a lot of other things, then we started discovering the world in every step we take. We start building our personalities according to what we are going through in our lives while years and years pass by.

 And it is never too late learn anything. There are countless examples of people achieving their dreams in an old age.

You should keep in mind that we human learn stuff faster by seeing other people doing them. So practice and practice and try new things, don’t be ashamed to imitate something that someone did, but of course respect the ownership and give whoever inspired you their rights.

If u actually have interest by that time of practicing you might come up with something that connects several things that already exist or even come up with something completely new, but don’t put high expectations from the start when your knowledge isn’t enough.

The personality is built over the span of time and so is our experience, mentality and skills.



Sleeping is an essential part of our lives, it is a thing that we do everyday and something that we can’t quit. It helps us through the day by making us stay fresh and energetic. But if we don’t pay attention to it, we might ruin our lives!.

If we sleep less than what our bodies’ needs, we won’t have energy for the next day and we will be exhausted. And the same for oversleeping.

The worst reason to sleep, is to try to forget and escape from that truth. That makes sleeping something that is killing dreams and negative in every way.

When you are feeling bad and down, don’t escape just face it and learn from it, because the next time you will be ready for it..

I would highly recommend this answer in quora about waking up early. A lot of good techniques are mentioned there.


In Your Early Twenties..


Your early twenties is the time when the learning curve is so high and one gets an enormous amount of information.

It is the time when you mostly figure out who you are and and who you you wanna be.

You learn everyday something new and your personality grows.So don’t worry about making mistakes because it will make you stronger and wiser in the future .

What you need to worry about is putting all you have and work hard enough to get to what you want and don’t wait for it to come. You explore yourself and the world around you.

So try to make the best out of it and have a good time doing the things you like.

Maybe it is simpler than what we think


Sometimes we complicate our lives for no reason and make it way harder and tougher to our souls.

Fully controlling our actions, is something that not everyone can do. You could try and force yourself to do stuff, you could try to motivate yourself or reward yourself when you achieve something for example or You could push yourself forward by being with others and many many more could be done.

The question is could it be simpler than that ? could it be that we are the ones that decide what we want! it seems obvious, doesn’t it?. But it is that obvious that people don’t even notice it!. So if we choose to prioritize something, then it actually means something to us, whatever it is; might be gaming, playing, working or addiction to something. At the end it is our choice.

So you are not gonna leave/stop it once you decided. But you gonna leave it once you genuinely don’t want to do it… You do it for a reason and you stop doing it because this reason became meaningless or you have something else that you want more. So you prioritize that over what you had before.

It is that simple.. no complicated strategies or anything. As long as you have the determination and consistency in your work.

There is no one/nothing controlling your mind, other than what is programmed to you.



Respectful is a description of people who accepts others, never discriminate and have a good attitude towards everyone no matter who they are or where they are coming from.

In my opinion, everyone deserves some respect, even if you don’t usually agree with what  the others say and even if they don’t like you , you should always show a good behaviour wherever you go.

We are all humans who have different opinions and there is a lot of stuff to disagree on in life even with the closest people we know.

At the end, when you respect people, you will definitely find people showing respect for you back. And if you don’t, you still have respect to yourself.



You can’t be always be happy.

You can’t always see the truth and the right.

You can’t alway feel great.

Is it that big of a deal? no, I don’t think so. your mood depends on the things that happen in your life. So, it changes frequently. Thus, it is important to know how to deal with it.

What you need to change is getting affected easily by your mood and letting that get to you head. And you have to work on recovering fast from that and not letting it affect your life negatively. And the key for that is to stay focused in your life.


Easy to say, hard to execute

Talent is usually not enough to achieve goals. It is all about hard work and dedication. It may sound simple but the reality is a bit different.

You have to be patient and put as much time as you can, you have to sacrifice a lot to come far in life. That will make what you are doing actually mean something at the end. Because you worked for it.

And success doesn’t mean money, that should never be the aim that one chases.


Sport is always a good example of that. If you, for instance, follow the Olympics and looked in how passionate these people are you will understand that they are not just talented or lucky but they have worked more than anyone else to come that far.

Maybe you don’t have to make it to the Olympics, but you get what you work for at the end.

Complaining is always an easy way to escape from reality, but it takes time to learn that it never helps. What actually helps is to just try and try and never stop or give up.

Commitment And Consistency


A huge obstacle in everyone’s way to success is committing to what they are doing. Dreams aren’t enough most of the time. Of course, dreaming about goals and imagining them is important to  be able to achieve them. But, what counts at the end is the work that is put into these dreams, the time and the belief.

If you work hard enough, you will get so far in life. Maybe even more than what you could ever expect. Don’t leave it to luck and Coincidence. The skill that distinguish anyone who made it, is that they never give up, they just continue doing what they are supposed to do.


Keep failing and failing it should just make you stronger. You will have a lot of time of you just thinking about quitting and giving up and it is just normal. We all have ups and downs just try not to let the depressed character take over you. It will tell you that you always say the same thing to yourself, that you are always failing and that you tried and it will never work out. Exclude from you life whoever puts you down. It is only your choice to listen to that side of yourself that tells you that you are not going to make it. You have to look at it this way, everything that is happening to you is just building the courage for you to be stronger next time you try.

I still believe that the hype of the moments is always not enough, it could definitely help for a short period of time but in a longer time span this won’t work, in my opinion. All you have to do is to create a habit and try to let every failure make you stronger and more ready for the next time you try, until you get there one day. And you will.