Easy to say, hard to execute

Talent is usually not enough to achieve goals. It is all about hard work and dedication. It may sound simple but the reality is a bit different.

You have to be patient and put as much time as you can, you have to sacrifice a lot to come far in life. That will make what you are doing actually mean something at the end. Because you worked for it.

And success doesn’t mean money, that should never be the aim that one chases.


Sport is always a good example of that. If you, for instance, follow the Olympics and looked in how passionate these people are you will understand that they are not just talented or lucky but they have worked more than anyone else to come that far.

Maybe you don’t have to make it to the Olympics, but you get what you work for at the end.

Complaining is always an easy way to escape from reality, but it takes time to learn that it never helps. What actually helps is to just try and try and never stop or give up.


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