Maybe it is simpler than what we think


Sometimes we complicate our lives for no reason and make it way harder and tougher to our souls.

Fully controlling our actions, is something that not everyone can do. You could try and force yourself to do stuff, you could try to motivate yourself or reward yourself when you achieve something for example or You could push yourself forward by being with others and many many more could be done.

The question is could it be simpler than that ? could it be that we are the ones that decide what we want! it seems obvious, doesn’t it?. But it is that obvious that people don’t even notice it!. So if we choose to prioritize something, then it actually means something to us, whatever it is; might be gaming, playing, working or addiction to something. At the end it is our choice.

So you are not gonna leave/stop it once you decided. But you gonna leave it once you genuinely don’t want to do it… You do it for a reason and you stop doing it because this reason became meaningless or you have something else that you want more. So you prioritize that over what you had before.

It is that simple.. no complicated strategies or anything. As long as you have the determination and consistency in your work.

There is no one/nothing controlling your mind, other than what is programmed to you.


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