It takes some time to be unique

flames-897427_1280It takes some time to be unique..

Every great person who achieved something in this world, had to start somewhere and probably had zero knowledge at the start.

We all were little kids who can’t speak, walk, eat or do a lot of other things, then we started discovering the world in every step we take. We start building our personalities according to what we are going through in our lives while years and years pass by.

 And it is never too late learn anything. There are countless examples of people achieving their dreams in an old age.

You should keep in mind that we human learn stuff faster by seeing other people doing them. So practice and practice and try new things, don’t be ashamed to imitate something that someone did, but of course respect the ownership and give whoever inspired you their rights.

If u actually have interest by that time of practicing you might come up with something that connects several things that already exist or even come up with something completely new, but don’t put high expectations from the start when your knowledge isn’t enough.

The personality is built over the span of time and so is our experience, mentality and skills.


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