Living Your Own Virtual Life


live your own virtual life, Your own time span under your own control. But in a positive way!

If you always feel the need to do something, you will have to work harder for it. Unlike if you feel comfortable, that there is no pressure on you and you gonna do your thing, that often happens when you are in “what is called” your comfort zone. So get out of there as soon as possible, it is a deep hole and the longer you stay the deeper it gets, the harder it becomes to get out.

Our brains are programmed in a way that it always prefers to do what we are usually used to do.So if you naturally a gamer for example, your brain will want to do that first and put it as a priority.

In brief, we have to make decide our own virtual world, live on it and let it get the best out of us!..


how much does money matter?


Life is not all about money. Accept who you are and stay humble.

Whether you have money or not, that doesn’t need to change your personality.It certainly allows you to get more chances in life, but you should use that to your favor.

You can aim on having money, but that should never be your purest goal.



Sometimes it feels like living in an endless cycle.

Some people might say that if that specific thing happens in your life, everything will change completely or get better. And that doesn’t certainly work all the time.

I feel that the person that has a successful mentality will work under any circumstances and you will expect him/her to produce some awesome results.

And the key here is to adapt to the different situations one goes through.

Then the word impossible becomes meaningless, because whatever is considered impossible in the mind of others is just something that needs more time and effort for you.

This mentality guarantees success, because one of the reasons people don’t succeed is that they don’t commit until the end and they give up at some point of the process. Which in our case isn’t even a choice.

evolving as a human being


We are living in a world where we go through experiences and have different stories. That in return, many lessons are being taught by life pretty much everyday.

We could start a project somewhere and it will end up as something else,  because we learn more while we are actually doing stuff. And so is our personalities/actions they differ and evolve by the time.We change. It is a fact that we must accept, no one stays the same forever.



woman-1829506_1280When your life is just a sequence of repetitive acts every day, which are basically your habits, that could be considered to be good and bad at the same time. Because it depends on the acts themselves, that are part of your routine. But it is definitely a negative thing to keep doing the same thing over and over again without a break. We are not machines and we should consider a lot of the human properties, when we are taking decisions in life upon every and anything.

So keep adding new good habits to your life and make it a bit more exciting.


be like this guy..or don’t!


You be who you wanna be!. don’t care what people say!

You don’t need to be labeled under some sort of grouping. Just be yourself, different if you would like to or like someone. It is your choice to determine who you are and who you want to be.

If you are into something and you enjoy it, then do it as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

Choose and be responsible for your actions, have the confidence to stand for your opinions and who you are. You will get that confidence, if you believe in yourself and if you are comfortable with what you do, at the point you won’t care about people’s unconstructive opinions.

Love yourself. Everyone deserves to be loved..

I Am Your Greatest Enemy

devil-1562786_1280Do you get this feeling that you are yourself the reason you are not progressing in life ?

Well that is common.. I would say that in this case the person is his/her own enemy.

Most of the time, you have to listen to yourself and see what you want to do, but there are always exceptions.

If you notice that you are hurting yourself or your future, you must have a pause with yourself and look at what is needed to improve, and what is needed to be totally changed in your personality.

For example, We all have the time when we procrastinate, but some overdo it, in a way that destroys their daily routine, which is something dangerous of course.

If you are the one holding yourself from success, you have to work as hard as you can to change that. And don’t give up or believe that this is your nature. Every bad habit could be changed, but you need to be trained.. Your brain needs to be trained.

Life Stages


We go through a lot in our lives.We love and hate, we make mistakes. We still at the end have something good in us.

Some give up easily and some do it the hard way. Life is full of variety in every shape and phase.

What gets us happy at a time, isn’t going to at another point of our lives.

We change by the time and so does our world.

We should be aware of our actions, because it leads to events in our present and future.

At the end, try to enjoy your life as much as you can. Be happy and make other people happy….

It is okay not to feel okay



We all have these moments when we feel down and sad.

We all go though difficulties in life and have problems.

So we better accept that fact, to know how to deal with it.

When you are young and have few experiences in life, you get easily confused and don’t know what to do in most of the situations that you face and that is normal.

By the time, you will teach yourself how to handle these situations. Believe in yourself!.

Trying and learning by yourself is 10 times better than just reading about how people do it.

And the more you try, the more you get, the better you will be…

Being Patient


It is a bit ironic to say, but it takes some time to be patient, which particularly means to take your time in decisions or actions.

You feel that some stuff takes more time than what you eventually expected so you think that the problem is in yourself and you end up giving up.

Have you thought about taking a break and giving it another go ? Trying a new method ? Attempting different terminologies ?

Just do any of these things, before saying that this isn’t your thing and you simply can’t do it.

And that applies to everything in life: decisions, actions or opinions.