Being busy all the time is actually a good and bad thing at the same time. First, you don’t have to overthink much or care about useless things, because you have things to do in your life, that are more valuable for you.

But, too much work could lead to stress.

in the other hand you can lose the time, when you want to be creative and just the time to think about your life in general.

So, the balance between both would be good. There will always be some positive and negative sides.


My Comfort Zone


My safe zone.

You get lazy when you are in your comfort zone.

You have to work on maximizing your efforts and focusing your work into one certain goal. Have all your potential and energy into that thing.

When you have something in front of you and you are working on it, you will get the confidence to achieve it. The more time is spent, the stronger you get and the higher you will aim.

Don’t give it up easily for a pleasure or let anything drag you down. Stay sharp. Don’t let it go.

Remember always to make your goal, the main thing in your mind, so you won’t get out of the boundaries that you set for yourself, until you achieve what you want.

And the last thing socialize and be more adventurous.

Values In Life

coins-1523383_1280People have values in their lives, that define who they are, how does their personality looks like and a lot of qualities about them.

These values decide the limits, that they set for themselves. And these limits should never be crossed. We certainly should adapt to situations, but if we adjust our values in every situation it doesn’t work, there will come the time, when we don’t know who we actually are. And that is the last thing we want to do to ourselves.




We look for safety, comfort, trust and love.

It takes time to understand and learn from mistakes.

It is a journey in life, we live it, how we wanted it to be.

listen to what is being said.

Don’t care too much, about everything, that people think of.

Be yourself and nobody else.

Listen To Me Please!


When you are in a down point in life, and you feel you are not doing the right thing, you will have to figure out, how to react to that.

You didn’t have it easy and you feel you hate yourself more than ever. You talk with everyone and complain about the problems, except with yourself.

You are only giving orders to yourself and expecting everything to be done smoothly.

Talk with him/her, your inner voice. Please listen to what they have to say. They know you much better than you think others do.

Always remember that, success comes from these tough moments and you have to be the first person to believe in that.

Being Unrealistic…


I get happy and proud of myself when I accomplish Something in life. But I also get lost in the moment and think about, how I am going to react to what happens afterwards. Or imagine certain situations that I haven’t even accomplished yet, to see the result to.

You put high expectations and you might get depressed when you don’t get what you expected.

My advice would be, to be more rational and work as hard as you can regardless of the results. And all you do after that, is just analyze the mistakes and the good points that are made and never stop learning.

Stating The Obvious

light-bulb-1246043_1280Why am i stating the obvious?.

It is a part of the experiment I believe to write things that might be natural and not typically unique to some people. I Still think that this will get me somewhere someday.

It is motivational for me to write about the things I want to improve in my life, as this blog is technically a reflection on my life to some extent, so it is really helpful to get stuff out of my system sometimes. That is why I find writing really interesting.

Probably, I am not going to continue writing about these topics in the future, but I believe that this stage now, is a part of the process of evolving as a human being and improving my skills.

I am not in a rush but maybe soon it will be more clear for me.