Life… a complicated equation


Random thoughts

Life..Some are getting it the hard time some are not, some know their destination some don’t. But, most of us look to live in this life peacefully.

It is a complicated equation.

You want everything, but you are not anywhere near anything.

Be happy, don’t let the sadness get over you and do what fulfills your soul with happiness.

Be confident, don’t get hurt of what people say and get it out of your system.

Be you, live your own experience and learn from your mistakes.

At the end, life is too short to get yourself stuck in the moment.


Being loved


Maybe it is just me, but I feel like we as humans need to feel that we are loved and appreciated by others. This gives some fulfilling emotions and makes us feel better about ourselves. It is not an approval from others, but it helps to have people around you that gives you love and support you emotionally. You feel you mean something in people’s lives.

We need love, and we should look for it.



A lot of the people look forward to be under the spotlight. It is a dream of many of the young generation to get famous and be loved by others, because they see it from outside as a perfect world for them.

The question is does it really matter ?. If you are making videos or posting articles, that are in your opinion worth reading. Will it matter at the end, that someone else see them and reacts to them?. It is definitely motivating, but not sure how much value it adds into you, and your content.

What Value Can You Add


What Value Can You Add to us?

This question is often heard at job interviews, but it is much more than that.

It is a question to ask in life in general. Like, why are you alive, what value do you add to the world, or what value do people in your life add to you. Having a meaningless life is the worst feeling ever. When you can’t do anything, and you feel like you are not capable of sustaining even a normal life.

It sometimes gets to the point, that you can’t have even an average life, because you are not willing to bring in a value to your life, where there are no goals.

I believe it is a part of our nature to question everything, and this is an important question to add to the list.



You could be diagnosed with depression or not, but the feeling itself could be generalised. Depression is a wall between you and you, that makes you feel down and confused about life and yourself.

You might try to sleep too much to escape the world, or your feelings are all over the place, but it is all part of what you are going through. You see the world in a different way, you see people’s actions in a different manner and often offended by them, you need love but you can’t find it, and the list goes on.

It is an experience we go through and I believe there is no ultimate solution. It is you who can see the truth inside you, and decide what could suit your case the best. Just don’t give up.

Escape The Reality


Escaping is the ultimate solution for a lot of people, when they get in trouble or things go wrong in their lives. You either look for fun stuff to do, or try in any way to not to think about it.

I actually find it hard to control your own mind, and manipulate it into thinking about what you want it to think about. Eventually you will forget whatever you are thinking about, but nothing is gone forever.


Being dreamy


Many people dream about a better life a distinguished one than the one they currently have. But often dreams don’t come true by just dreaming about them. It all depends on the belief and the hardworking and a bit of luck as well.

It could be really depressing to be a dreamy person, you don’t see the reality or your own abilities in real life. You just see a much better version of yourself who is doing these wonders!. And it becomes hard to see the big picture or to look at life from a normal perspective. I feel becoming more realistic is a part of how mature we get by the time and experience.

You still can dream though, but let it be the ultimate goal at the end, so you know you gotta work for it to get there.

I believe

One day, my dreams will come true, by my hardworking. 


love and relationships


love and relationships could seem a bit complicated at some point of life, and at others will seem to be the best feeling ever.

With no doubts, we all need someone to care about us, it could be just us. It gives us the feeling, that we are important in someone else’s life, that we are loved and being thought about.

Problems come and go, but love will still be there if it is real. And the word relationship is all about the commitment to this love, and is a way of showing, that this love means something.


never fade (1)Friendship is a strong word with a lot of emotions. A real friendship gives security, love and comfort. It is a great part of the life, that is essential to have, in my opinion.

Friends are important in one’s life, especially when they are representing the support and the caring.

Life might be tough sometimes, and it becomes a bit easier when we can share our concerns with others, who understand our point of view, and where we are coming from.



Family for me is love and caring. There are a lot of meaning behind these people supporting you and being the first ones to get to, when you are in trouble or have any doubts in life.

Whatever happens, there is always a relation between you and your family, an unexpected love is given in both ways. They forgive, love and support. They are happiness, the real one..