Some of us have idols in their lives; people that they respect and look up to. Others are idols themselves. We all make the choice. But we cannot all be idols. It is good to be motivated in life and want to reach your potential, which you determine the limit of by yourself, but your vision, your hunger to success and your satisfaction could potentially limit you. And that is what differs us from each other, how much you are willing to sacrifice or if you actually enjoy what you are doing. You chase things in life, and you get results depending on how determined you are.


It has to make sense


It gotta make sense. Normally, you have to convince yourself to do something, whether you are aware of that or not. We all have different approach for dealing with our daily activities, but there has to always be a reason for us to do things. And we do things according to our priorities; some priorities by difficulties other priorities by how much they like a particular activity. At the end, there is a reason behind, a motive to our brain that helps us execute the appropriate action.

A Belief For Changes


Sometimes, you get this feeling that something is going to change in your life, even if all the events that occurs in your space are not leading to any good. A belief for upcoming change with no sign of that whatsoever, might be generated by a physiological state of finally being ready after trying to change and constantly failing. If you feel it, then it might be the right time. Because it all starts from inside. So, if you have the belief in yourself and your own will, work as hard as you can to make it happen!.



We all see the world in different ways, we have our own vision, and perspective that determines our attitude in everyday situations.

How we perceive, and experience the world is a personal experience, which we are the main factors of.


Seeing a different image doesn’t make you wrong. It is just shows how you look at things, where you look and the way you see it. It shows more of, and no one else.



There are a lot of risks in life, that one can face. We choose to take risks to get to where we want, to do things that we are told are impossible and to be who we want to be.

Risk management is a very important topic in personal development. You sometimes need to calculate the risk and know when to take it or not. It has a lot also to do with self-confidence and belief. If you believe in yourself and you willing you are more likely to trust it and follow your instinct. In general, risks are healthy for you and if you don’t fail, you don’t learn.



Balance is a gigantic word with a lot of meanings behind. Balance in our daily lives is one form of the balance we encounter in life. A lot of people think that they should always look for the balance or the middle, bit it is a trade-off most of the time. I could easily say that usually the edgier the joke is, the funnier it is for people. Or the more you take risks in life, the further you get.

You should definitely look for a balance in your life and daily routine, but again there should be something that you invest yourself in. you can be good a lot of the things but it is better to master maybe one or two things. In general, you should look at the things are important for you separately and figure out how to handle each, your way, and only your way.

Do what feels right


Do what feels right. It is your life, your choices and your decisions. We are responsible for what we are saying and doing. That doesn’t mean that we have to take everything seriously, it just means that you can do what you want to do, and not care about what others think. We live the moment and enjoy it by being who we are. We decide our belief and we stick with it. You create your own identity, your own path and destination.