Change It Up A little

vw-camper-336606_1280Routines, like everything else, have their positives and negatives. It is good to have a schedule to follow, and get used to certain type of things you do, which means you can get good at them by time. On the other side, things could get boring, staying in the same lane, doing the same thing, could lead you to hate, what you are doing.

Traveling is a key for a lot of the people as they escape their surroundings, to somewhere else, where they don’t have to behave in a certain way or do certain actions. I see traveling as a chance to learn more about life and make it a bit more interesting. Whether you go so far away or not, it is always a good experience to have. By having to adapt to different lifestyles, you get to be more of a flexible person. It is also a test to your personality to measure how much you change, or get affected by things around you.



people-690105_1280Gatherings could be a fear for a lot of people, and it also could be a source of happiness to others. It all boils down to you being comfortable around certain people, doing certain activities. Or maybe it is just about how comfortable you are with yourself and your surroundings.

You don’t really have to be “one of them” to share a moment; meaning you can do your own thing in your own style, and still have fun as the others. We don’t all have to like the same things, it is good to be unique and different, and it is better to be yourself, than a copy of someone else.

A Story To Tell

book-419589_12800Having a story to tell is always a good quality to have, especially when you are often exposed to meeting new people. It could be an icebreaker to tell a thing, that happened to you, especially if things didn’t go as planned.

By having an adventurous life, you can have a lot to learn, and a lot to tell to people. You can make something good out of almost anything. Every situation carries a story, everything wrong that happens, could make an interesting story. So, make the best out of it.


Sensitive To… life

ball-2995735_1280.jpgIt is completely normal to feel hurt, when a friend of you say something mean to you even if it is unintentional. The people we care about are the people we think their opinion matters, but I think by time, these things hurt less and less. Being under the spot and feeling criticized is always a thing that people don’t like. At the end, you have to realize that you don’t need acceptance from people, you know yourself better.

Are You One Of These People?


A lot of people have been bullied at school by being labeled nerd, emotional or worthless, you simply count it. At a young age, these things usually mean a lot for you, and could potentially make you hate these qualities about yourself, if they are in some sense true.

The solution comes from the realization of that, you are never just a label, you are obviously more than that. It is okay to be emotional sometimes or weird, it is just that you have to avoid being insecure about it. Own it, make a joke out of it, a bad one even. What matters the most is you and how you see yourself, and you can’t hate yourself just because some people are encouraging you to do that.

Growing Up

green-2551467_1280.jpgIt is really fascinating to live your life for others. We have a few years in this world, so why not get the best out of it. Maybe you can’t find it easy to not hate others or to be positive, and that is so common. In early stages of life, you are sometimes insecure or easily affected by everything around you. Sometimes things happen to you, which make you more emotional than you ought to be. It is alright to be that person, but you should learn to love and trust yourself, and feel that you deserve a good state of your life, if you have that, or feel that you can do better, and trust your destination even if everything is going wrong. Having a positive mindset is always helpful to go over the tough times, and surround yourself by positive people.

Read This If You Are terrible At One Thing In Life

aec-1782427_1280.jpgI believe that every first time is always the worst time, and we should never count it as an attempt. It is more like a warm up move. The first time I gave a presentation, which I don’t really remember, was my worst and the last is my best. It is as simple as the following sentence, practice makes you better.

Do what you can’t do!

question-mark-2123967_1280.jpgYes! do what you can’t do.It is better to try doing stuff you are uncomfortable with than to stay in your lane and not even try. You might not be able to master it overnight, but every step takes you further in you life. The aim of life is to evolve and get better and figure out your own self,  and the world around you. Every new challenge gives you one more reason to live and complete your purpose.

Meeting new people

people-2557396_1280.jpgEvery time you meet a new person, is a chance for you to represent yourself, in the way you have always wished to do. You might be an outgoing person, but sometimes prefer to be with yourself, and not take the initiative, that is why it is a new chance every time to be the one you want to be. It is a chance to conquer fear and become a better you. It is easy to assume that you are just shy or socially awkward, but it takes a lot more than that to prove it, and even if it is a true, it a quality that you develop, thus it is possible to change.



Express your feelings to others; show your appreciation to friends and love to family!. It is usually the case that we don’t realise how blessed we are in life with what we have until we lose it. Being grateful helps us realise the blessings, and the good in our life. There is no reason for why you would hide your feelings. Showing appreciation is a sign of gratefulness that makes people feel better about themselves and realise that they mean something to someone. It might be a small act, but it means a lot.