Being Surrounded By Selfishness


Selfishness is a quality to always keep clear from. It encourages hatred and definitely doesn’t help making the world a better place.  Avoid selfishness in yourself and others, pick friends that are caring and appreciative for friendships. Surround yourself with people who like you, for who you are, but encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Being appreciative to what you have gives the feeling of satisfaction and internal love and peace, which if you don’t have, you won’t be able to spread.


The next step you take is counted!


What you are doing today is deciding who you are becoming tomorrow. I always address the fact that questioning life is a positive step into becoming who you want to be. To empower your brain and achieve goals in the long run, you need to be more engaged in the lifestyle that can get you to your goals. The small steps that you take, the pain you go through and your failures in life are all parts of the chase to your goals. Prioritising the activities of every day is moving the needle closer and closer. Making the first step gets you to the next step, and every step feeds our behaviour with the clarity and that is the way to go.

Is Life A Competition?


Is life a competition?. Is it all about chasing for the best?. The question I want to address is, are we all born to be stars? are we all meant to compete for the best out of us?. This question is really important, because it is a life goal for a lot of people. Is that all it is really about?. Or is it about the experience and the situations we go through in life?. It is a positive act to question yourself and your destination. Even if we have no answers now, I am sure there is time for that in the future.

What Makes you unique?


What makes you unique, is your experience, the story that you tell others which is life. Your decisions, your mindset and the way you think make you unique. Uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean shining and being the best, but it is definitely a step to that. To be unique, you need to not follow others blindly and have your own opinions that comes from your standards and values, which you understand deeply. It might be hard to be yourself in today’s world, but as everything else you can learn to be yourself. Figure out who you are, so you can reach your potential.



Staying focused on your goals is a hard mission to achieve. We are normally easily distracted, and can’t keep our focus on only one thing for a long time. It depends a lot on the environment and what we are surrounding ourselves with. It is easy to mention the problem, but harder to almost impossible to find the ultimate solution that fits all cases. In my opinion, the best shout is to try to adapt and learn a habit of self-control and be able to monitor your attitude and from there you can build a model that helps you know all the variables and thus try to avoid the problems.

A sense of growth


A slight change in life can lead to an enormous effect on the attitude. We learn as we grow, but maturity has nothing to do with age. There is a start for everything, you could be so excited to be perfect at something without realizing the small steps you have to take to get there. It is a ladder with a lot of snakes. Maybe the feel for change could give you a false sense of success or with development, so don’t let it blind you.

On the other hand, you can have small changes that change your vision completely. It depends on you, if you are ready for it and you are realizing the small steps and giving it only as much as it deserves and that comes with experience. That is why we shouldn’t fear trying to give up one day, because the future is full of the right choices this time.

Your Happiness, My Happiness


Depending your happiness on someone else is often a huge mistake to make. Self awareness, satisfaction and independence are hugely important for you to make your own happiness and enjoy your life. When you think about other people and relate yourself to them more than you should do, you often will be disappointed in the long run.

There is no doubt that you can be happy by people, but it shouldn’t be the case that they have to feed you the happiness, that will cause any trivial action to ruin your whole mood. You just shouldn’t put high expectation on people with no previous experience. It all comes to being more confident and rational. It is your life, and your happiness, so don’t make someone else control it.



Some of us have idols in their lives; people that they respect and look up to. Others are idols themselves. We all make the choice. But we cannot all be idols. It is good to be motivated in life and want to reach your potential, which you determine the limit of by yourself, but your vision, your hunger to success and your satisfaction could potentially limit you. And that is what differs us from each other, how much you are willing to sacrifice or if you actually enjoy what you are doing. You chase things in life, and you get results depending on how determined you are.

It has to make sense


It gotta make sense. Normally, you have to convince yourself to do something, whether you are aware of that or not. We all have different approach for dealing with our daily activities, but there has to always be a reason for us to do things. And we do things according to our priorities; some priorities by difficulties other priorities by how much they like a particular activity. At the end, there is a reason behind, a motive to our brain that helps us execute the appropriate action.

A Belief For Changes


Sometimes, you get this feeling that something is going to change in your life, even if all the events that occurs in your space are not leading to any good. A belief for upcoming change with no sign of that whatsoever, might be generated by a physiological state of finally being ready after trying to change and constantly failing. If you feel it, then it might be the right time. Because it all starts from inside. So, if you have the belief in yourself and your own will, work as hard as you can to make it happen!.