Balance is a gigantic word with a lot of meanings behind. Balance in our daily lives is one form of the balance we encounter in life. A lot of people think that they should always look for the balance or the middle, bit it is a trade-off most of the time. I could easily say that usually the edgier the joke is, the funnier it is for people. Or the more you take risks in life, the further you get.

You should definitely look for a balance in your life and daily routine, but again there should be something that you invest yourself in. you can be good a lot of the things but it is better to master maybe one or two things. In general, you should look at the things are important for you separately and figure out how to handle each, your way, and only your way.


Do what feels right


Do what feels right. It is your life, your choices and your decisions. We are responsible for what we are saying and doing. That doesn’t mean that we have to take everything seriously, it just means that you can do what you want to do, and not care about what others think. We live the moment and enjoy it by being who we are. We decide our belief and we stick with it. You create your own identity, your own path and destination.



One of the most important things in life is accepting who you are and respecting your own limits. It doesn’t matter if you are different or not. You don’t have to fit in a certain group to have fun or enjoy yourself. If you lose your image in front of yourself, you might never be satisfied in life.

You be who you are, who you wanna be. Of course, your attitude is changing by the time, but there are still morals that never changes.

love yourself and respect it, to be able to love others.

Feeling The Moment


You get this moment sometimes, when you feel that you are doing the right thing, and life is going great for you. It is good to know where you stand in life, and how much progress you are making. You don’t have to be the most successful person ever, or to compare yourself with anyone else. It is all about how much you love yourself and you appreciating your life. You matter the most, your happiness, and your moment. And that is what you need to focus on.

It Is Your Choice To Be Happy!


It is a choice to be happy in life!. I have been recently told by a friend, that he doesn’t remember the last time he wasn’t happy. Simply, because he doesn’t let sadness take over his mind, he does what he wants to do, and he has a good balance in his life.

If I ask you to focus on the black on a black and white blocks game, you will easily ignore the white once, because it is not what you look at. You might be having a great day, and bump into a situation that ruins your mood completely, but that shouldn’t be the case at all!. It is know that happiness gives a great feeling to be able to have a good life. Happiness builds us up, builds up our personalities and growth. Focus on being happy and live your day with a big smile :).


Mental Health


Mental health is such an important part of us, that needs to be taken care of. It is hidden inside us, that is why it is often ignored, and not seen by.

Our mental health affects¬†our productivity, happiness and life in general. It takes time to understand ourselves, and know what works with our brains and what doesn’t. It is okay to feel down sometimes, but we have to get back from that we have to¬†make the down point a turning point instead of giving up. It has an enormous influence in our lives, thus we have to always consider it and take care of it.



Ignorance is such a bad quality, that people gain by so many ways. One of them comes when you are not trying hard enough, and you are just blaming yourself.

You build up a habit of self-hate, and you are more likely to be ignorant, when going through similar situations again. You are making life in a way or another more difficult for yourself. So, try to get rid of the ignorance, and face your problems. It is better to do something about it than ignoring it.

Belief Isn’t Enough.


I had a feeling that people wouldn’t fail at all, as long as they just believe. And that isn’t how I think anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with belief, but there is a problem with “only belief”. Not putting actions and depending on the world to change your life, isn’t ideal in such a situation. You might be deluded and think that you believe in these goals. The only proof you could have is an action.

Failure is sometimes a choice


When you are not trying to deal with the problem and just give up easily saying that you are sick, sad or even depressed. In this case, you are not even trying to assume that it is out of your control!.

Of course you will have some difficult time. Of course, it is not always easy. But escaping means that it is only your fault and your control, and that doesn’t mean that you have to blame yourself, but take actions and change your world.

It is okay to fail and fall down, but it is not okay to not try to change that. There are people, who keeps failing, and their life is just pathetic and depressing, because they are comfortable with that, and are not trying to change it. They are not seeing, and believing in the problem, and that is what you have to realise now. You have a choice to stop this, before it is too late, or too hard.

Get inspired


One of the key points in life to get to your goals, is to get inspired and improve your mental health.

Keep yourself motivated, and don’t lose the hype shortly after you get it.

Keep getting inspired by everything around you, whether it is a problem, a successful story, or a simple situation that happened to you.

Just look at the positives and ignore the negatives. Sometimes, we attribute the cause to things that has nothing to do with the action. And it is never important to know why things happen, it is better to know what to make out of it. Create a peaceful environment to yourself, so that you are able to see the world in a good way.