Resist the loneliness, resist the boringness, resist the routine and don’t give up. Handing you life to destiny isn’t the wisest action you can take. leaving it for the world to decide isn’t going to solve your problems or make your life better.

Resist. There is a hard way to follow. There is a choice, it is not all dark it is not. You have to be sure to be able to be better if you are not, it is okay one day you will be but you have to give up more you have to do more and be more presence in your life. Resist.




Isn’t weird that we know that we are the ones that make the change but we still don’t do it?. Is it normal to just accept what you have and never be the change?. Is it weird to expect much from yourself and getting nothing at the end?. Disappointed with yourself and your life. What is you are goal? why are you alive? why aren’t you in control?

We get stuck in the act. Everyday literally becomes the same. It is repetitive. And the boringness creates the unwillingness for anything in life. It is dreadful.


Attention seeking


Do we need attention from people?

we see people around doing all that they can do just to get attention from everyone else. It has certainly some positives to it to be recognized but it is crucial for this recognition to be given for a good sake. Then it is a deserved recognition.

There are people who are seeking attention because they want to feel needed or wanted. I don’t think that there is someone who doesn’t want any attention from people, but  wanting that too much can’t be good.

So, do we need the attention?.

I would say yes. but we shouldn’t evolve our lives around it or treat people differently because of it.



We give up on a lot of things in our lives. We give up relationships, challenges and belongings. If it makes sense, it is kinda of a habit that people have very often. It is not necessary a negative thing, it is certainly the right thing to give up toxic relationships and challenges that don’t suit us.

Every day is a reminder of what we want to continue doing for the rest of our lives. Decisions change and so does behaviour, thus it is okay to make different life decisions depending on the age and situation. Do what feels right as long as you are convinced, but make sure to not let yourself down.

STRUGGLING TO FIND ENERGY? here is why & how you can fix that


We usually get our energy for the day from our surroundings. If we are surrounded by the right people and have the right mindset, then we can do much better on a day-to-day basis. We should also think about how we approach our day and how we start it. As much as others are a big part of the equation, your part is the biggest, you are the most influential person in your life, your actions determine your destiny.

The line between being kind and being weak


Kindness is often perceived as a weakness for many people. When you choose not to respond to meanness, it shows respect and kindness. However, it is good to learn how to react in such situations, it is good to be pure and kind but it is important to look tough and not an easy target for people to do that. You can find bullies at any age or situation, your boss, your college or anyone you barely encounter can find you an easy target if to fulfill their insecurities and the feeling to make people feel bad about themselves. It is not about how you are perceived, it is more about how you perceive yourself and how you show that to people.



The social pressure theory indicates that there is always this stress to be a certain person in people’s eyes, to kind of follow what everyone wants you to follow and do. People want to be in control of others lives, some just for curiosity or a million other reason, but that is not the point.

Society puts stress on you

Society has a lot of influence on people. Peer pressure is a big part of that. We always care about our image and what people think of us. Our friends have also a big influence in our decision-making process and what we settle in for in life.

Dream meanings

You have your own dreams that you follow and try to accomplish. Letting others get in the way of that, means that you are giving up on that. Dream meanings are defined by you and only you. If you focus on them completely and ignore the social pressure around you, you will definitely go on in your journey to success.



Age represents a pressure for a lot of people. It seems for a lot of people who there are expectations for them at a certain age. And these expectations are represented in the shape of personal achievements, to some social behaviour. I believe that  it is your life and you don’t have to fulfill someone else’s dream and expectations. At the end, it is your journey and your life. If you let someone else control your dream, then you are living their dreams not yours.



As harsh as the title could sound, conforming to the group is a big problem that faces societies.

A big problem that appears at a young age, is that kids become followers and only followers. They become incapable of making up their own decisions or even making choices. It is crucial to get to choose yourself and assist others to make up their minds, to become an individual independent person. This skill harnesses the controlling of your life and your own mind. As it is known, being aware of the problem is the first step to solve it.



Usually, your level of smartness has a lot to do with your sense of humor, or what you find funny. There is no shame if you find someone entertaining, if they are appealing to more younger demographics. I think age and humor aren’t related, but definitely maturity and humor are.

If you think why some stars appeal to a younger generation or probably a different demographic, it is because they have a different sense of humor funny, they might find some over the top funny when you might think it is too much. It is usually the case that they younger you are, the less limits you have, and the more edgy you become.But  humor is also like everything else, it grows up and change by time.