The social pressure theory indicates that there is always this stress to be a certain person in people’s eyes, to kind of follow what everyone wants you to follow and do. People want to be in control of others lives, some just for curiosity or a million other reason, but that is not the point.

Society puts stress on you

Society has a lot of influence on people. Peer pressure is a big part of that. We always care about our image and what people think of us. Our friends have also a big influence in our decision-making process and what we settle in for in life.

Dream meanings

You have your own dreams that you follow and try to accomplish. Letting others get in the way of that, means that you are giving up on that. Dream meanings are defined by you and only you. If you focus on them completely and ignore the social pressure around you, you will definitely go on in your journey to success.




Age represents a pressure for a lot of people. It seems for a lot of people who there are expectations for them at a certain age. And these expectations are represented in the shape of personal achievements, to some social behaviour. I believe that  it is your life and you don’t have to fulfill someone else’s dream and expectations. At the end, it is your journey and your life. If you let someone else control your dream, then you are living their dreams not yours.



As harsh as the title could sound, conforming to the group is a big problem that faces societies.

A big problem that appears at a young age, is that kids become followers and only followers. They become incapable of making up their own decisions or even making choices. It is crucial to get to choose yourself and assist others to make up their minds, to become an individual independent person. This skill harnesses the controlling of your life and your own mind. As it is known, being aware of the problem is the first step to solve it.



Usually, your level of smartness has a lot to do with your sense of humor, or what you find funny. There is no shame if you find someone entertaining, if they are appealing to more younger demographics. I think age and humor aren’t related, but definitely maturity and humor are.

If you think why some stars appeal to a younger generation or probably a different demographic, it is because they have a different sense of humor funny, they might find some over the top funny when you might think it is too much. It is usually the case that they younger you are, the less limits you have, and the more edgy you become.But  humor is also like everything else, it grows up and change by time.


relationship-154725_1280.pngFrom what I have seen in life, which might be little, it is easy for me to say that, there is only two types of people on earth, there are the people who love themselves and there are those who despise themselves, but there are certainly degrees to these emotions. I know how shallow that might seem to some people, when comparing the entire human race. But this classification actually reflects on all what we do in life, how we treat others, how we handle situations, and how we control our lives basically, and think of the people outside of our bubble. Our thoughts of who we are, reflect how we act in life and how we treat others.



We all certainly have had different childhood experiments, but a lot of us have been exposed early on to the idea of being the best and chasing our dreams. A lot are also being judged on how big their dreams are or if there dreams don’t actually exist. You don’t have to grow up knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life. There is no law that says you have to figure everything out by the age of 25, for example . The society and the system might force this idea but what we have to do isn’t follow blindly and make our own opinions along the way. Whether you have a dream or not, you have to chase something, might be the experiment or your happiness and that will lead your mind to open up to new ideas and new adventures.



Are you satisfied with your life?

Are you satisfied with the way you are handling problems?

Are you satisfied with what you have?

The word satisfaction can cover so many perspectives. But it describes a crucial feeling that is needed to be fulfilled. It is a good feeling when it is fulfilled, as satisfaction helps us focus on our goals and future.

You have to look for satisfaction don’t wait for it to happen. Go and find what makes you better, what makes you who you want to be. You have to have an answer, you got to know where you stand at the moment, to make it better in the near future.

Be the change that your life need.

2017 Review

paper-3042645_1280.jpgAt that time of the year most of the people celebrate the end of the year and the start of a new year. Some others are busy looking at their accomplishments and mistakes throughout the year. And an important question to ask yourself is; are you actually the same person or does your attitude change throughout the time?. Are you a better or a worse person and what defines better and worse? what is the meaning of these terms. The best thing that could happen is to realise where you are at life and have an outer perspective about your life.

2018, a year to look to

Maybe time and dates have no actual meaning not effect on our lives, but it is a good milestone to remind ourselves of where we are. What you need to focus on is the positive and what makes you happy whether work, family or sports. Don’t do things just for the sake of it.

A year isn’t 365 days, it is the hours when we do what we love to do.

The Real Meaning Of Being Nice!

snow-man-3008179_1280.jpgA lot of people are being called nice, and most of the time it is just a description of their attitude. But somehow being nice is being related to having a weak personality, not fighting for yourself and some other negative meanings. Obviously, being only “nice” isn’t really much about a person. The word can describe kindness and joyousness as well which is good to be seen in a person. But the niceness that comes off from the person’s weakness is probably the worst type. It comes with the time the development of your personality, so don’t make that get on the way to your niceness.

Success Is Relative

einstein-2197302_1280.jpgThere is really no way to measure how successful a person is, because we all have our own definition of success, and we have our own perspectives of how we see it.

It is not important to be considered successful by others. Your own judgement to yourself is what is counted, and what has the most effect on your life. You could make yourself miserable, just because you think things are not going as intended, but in reality it is just some bumps on the way, to what could make you happy then. You should never underestimate the simple stuff; simple achievement, simple relationships. It is all projected to be something bigger and better, maybe you don’t see it at a time, but I am sure there is a time to the realization in the future. So, start now by believing in yourself and your journey.